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Here you can download earlier announcements and files about the meeting:

12.06.2012 - Meeting Second Flyer download pdf

01.04.2012 - Meeting Poster download pdf

01.04.2012 - Meeting Leaflet download pdf 

01.03.2012 - Meeting LOGO (no background) download pdf

01.03.2012 - Meeting LOGO (with background) downlaod pdf 

01.03.2012 - Meeting LOGO as PNG file (no background; use "Save as" to download and rename file extension to *.png) download png

13.09.2011 - Meeting First Flyer (Call of interest) download pdf




Download First Flyer
Download LOGO with no background
Download LOGO with background
Download LOGO with no background PNG file
Download Meeting Leaflet
Download Meeting Poster
Download Second Flyer